Ecology Surveys

The majority of planning applications require an ecology survey and it should be undertaken as early as possible in the planning process to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Initially a preliminary ecological appraisal is required to provide a baseline assessment of the ecology at your development site, assesses the impact of your plans on local ecology, and identify the need for any further surveys e.g. bat surveys.

A preliminary ecological appraisal involves a site visit to record and map the plant and animal species, with particular focus on species that are protected in law. Protected species include bats, and as part of your PEA we will undertake a daytime bat walkover survey (DBW) looking for evidence of bats and identifying roost potential for bats on site.

As part of the PEA we will undertake a biodiversity net gain (BNG) feasibility assessment. From 12th February 2024 developments must deliver 10% net gain for biodiversity (with some exceptions).

In addition to conducting a site visit we will undertake desk research and request biological record data from your local biological records centre.

Following the site survey and desk research everything is pulled together in a PEA report that is then used to inform you of any further surveys, mitigation and enhancements.

Ecology surveys start from just £695 (exc. VAT).

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