Biodiversity Net Gain

A mandatory requirement for biodiversity net gain will come into effect in the forthcoming Environment Bill that proposes a +10% change in biodiversity value pre vs post development.
This will provide an opportunity for land owners and estate managers to secure money for biodiversity improvements and habitat management, as biodiversity offset providers.

Biodiversity offset providers can sell habitat enhancement projects to developers. Defra has proposed an outline tariff of £9,000 to £15,000 for each biodiversity unit.

Example: If a 10-hectare arable field was turned to bramble scrub, valued at approx. 125 biodiversity units, that would be worth approx £1.1 million.

Most developers do not have access to land and must seek off-site options. Local planning authorities do not have the sufficient land resources in the right places to provide enough off-site options so this is where land owners and estate managers can step in as biodiversity offset providers.

BNG units are calculated using a biodiversity metric (calculator) published by DEFRA. The Biodiversity Metric 3.0 provides a way of measuring and accounting for biodiversity losses and gains resulting from development or land management change.


Tyne Ecology can help: 

  • Negotiating offset requirements with the local planning authority
  • Ecological surveying of development and potential offset sites
  • Calculating biodiversity metrics (BNG Assessment)
  • Professional guidance on the restoration or creation of habitats
  • Biodiversity Offset Management Plans
  • Long-term monitoring of offset sites


Further Reading:

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