Swallow Mitigation - call for evidence

To help inform the provision of alternative nest sites for swallows, following barn conversions, we are asking for details of nest sites in non agricultural strutures. This might be a shed, a custom structure you've built, a porch.....the more bizarre the better.

So when you find a nest site that isn't in a farm building, please let us have the following:

Aspect: Sunny, shaded, north facing etc, on bust high street etc.
Details: Photos (structure and nest location) and number and detail of nest(s) location: 


Site: Log Store
County: Northumberland
Aspect: In rural garden, south facing under shade of tree.
Details: Timber log store. 1 nest located inside on front timber.



Post details on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swallowmitigationuk

or email to swallows@tyne-ecology.co.uk 

Thank you from the swallows!